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Critical Disaster Recovery

When your protected data requires an RTO of minutes, and an RPO of seconds.

Critical Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Your protected virtual server’s data, websites, and applications are continuously replicated to a WHOA datacenter of your choice with our critical disaster recovery solution. This allows for us to secure your virtual servers and data in a WHOA Data Center (WDC) in the event of any determined disaster, whether it is natural or not.

Two key concepts that is the basis for any critical disaster recovery plan is Recovery Time Objective (RTO), which is the time when your servers will be running again, and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), which is the point in time in the past when you’ll be able to recover from a backup.

For the Critical Disaster Recovery solution, we commit to an RTO of minutes, and an RPO of seconds.

Our DRaaS solution provides the safety net for business continuity by having a secondary datacenter on our Secure Cloud that has your virtual server in a powered off state, ready for quick deployment to allow for business continuity in the event of a disaster for a lower RTO. 

Key Critical Disaster Recovery Features

  • Failover Ready Environment: We will have a WDC ready to quickly provision your protected virtual Servers ready and waiting for a failover in the secondary datacenter to keep your business running in the event of a disaster.
  • RTO within Minutes: Our Critical DRaaS provides continuous, near-synchronous replication – with no snapshots or checkpoints, that will provide assurance that your protected virtual servers will be brought back online with nearly no data loss. You get continuous replication that causes NO application or VM performance impact.
  • Failover Plan: We will work with you on creating Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), which allows for the recovery of multi-VM application stacks together, and set the prioritization of failover for the VPGs to ensure that your critical applications get started as quickly as possible and get your business up and running again. We also assist with setting up your environment to Failback, which provides reverse protection once your primary environment is in a stable state and able to start receiving replication to allow for a continuous DR solution.
  • Recovery Options: Provides recovery to previous points-in-time for either a restoration of a virtual server, file or folder.
  • Failover Testing: We will coordinate with you on doing failover testing that is non-disruptive to your production environment. There is no impact to production VMs nor does it stop the continuous replication process, and the testing is done in an isolated network.
  • Compliance: Your replicated VMs are transmitted to a Tier IV data center that is ISO 27001 Certified for compliance.
  • Troubleshooting: We will assist with troubleshooting of Replication issues.
  • Quarterly DRaaS Analysis Reports: Our NOC will provide you with the replication logs, usage reporting, and help identify if there needs to be additional virtual servers to be added to VPGs to be protected and prioritized for failovers.
  • Cost Effective: No need to budget for expensive capital expenditures. A monthly charge of replication per virtual server will maintain your Disaster Recovery strategy.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

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