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Business Continuity

Let us help you with your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.

Implementing the proper disaster recovery and business continuity practices can greatly limit the risk posed by disasters, and even render them inconsequential.

Disaster Recovery is a failsafe service within a cloud that enables the backup of data and information, along with its recovery. Whoa Networks focuses our disaster recovery approach on the critical business systems, processes, and IT components of your business. With a plan ready for execution in the event of a natural or artificial disaster, your business’s information and systems will be protected.

Our Business Continuity Plan refers to a carefully designed procedure to curtail the impact of a disaster from an IT system operations angle. In other words, business continuity involves devising a plan to keep a business running in the event of a disaster. This involves a careful review of all critical businesses processes and understanding the possible impacts upon business systems and putting together a plan to mitigate interruption of service from your business. WHOA will help you to create a personalized, comprehensive business continuity plan to address all of the potential threats to your IT and business systems.

Whoa Networks does not take the importance of planning for disaster recovery and business continuity lightly.

We view these services as critical components in our cloud services, and proudly offer solutions both in preparation for and response to a disaster or emergency. Your business can rely on WHOA to offer our expertise and support, making the necessary preparation as painless as possible.

Your business can feel secure, knowing that WHOA will provide help and support in the event of a disaster. With the ability to rely upon our best-in-class technology and infrastructure, your business will be well positioned for a fast recovery. While not every disaster can be identified in advance, WHOA will prepare your organization to get back running.

Our help stems from gaining a complete knowledge of your IT and business systems, and often includes:

  • A careful analysis of your organization’s system processes and requirements
  • Designing a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan
  • Implementation of the Disaster Recovery plans
  • Ongoing management of the comprehensive disaster recovery environment

For more detailed information on WHOA’s Business Continuity Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.