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Sync Backup and Disaster Recovery for Business

SYNC BUaaS and DRaaS offers fully managed restoration and recovery of your data in as little as one hour.

SYNC Backup & Disaster Recovery for Virtual and On-premise Environments

SYNC, our backup and disaster recovery solution for virtualized and physical environments succeeds where traditional backup solutions fail.

Traditional backup approaches lack the flexibility and efficiency of virtualization, requiring manual, time-consuming backup and restoration processes or complex server failover configurations. That could take days.

SYNC provides a fully managed backup solution, with the ability to back up the entire environment, not just virtual systems. Our managed solution also allows you to customize service levels and features to match the needs of your business requirements.

If a disaster happens…

You can continue to operate from our virtual environment for up to three weeks. Then, you can decide to stay in the cloud or purchase hardware and rebuild your on premise environment. The choice is yours. However, to date, 100% of businesses who have failed over to a virtual environment have chosen to remain there permanently.

SYNC Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service


The SYNC ONE Backup solution provides Local Backup, Retention, Monitoring, and Restoration service for any VM. The monthly service includes unlimited File Level restores per assign VM.


The SYNC TWO Disaster Recovery solution includes everything in SYNC ONE plus, a second copy of your data replicated to an additional Tier IV datacenter location. Bronze Service Level is not available with SYNC TWO.

SYNC Add-on Features


Easily backup MS SQL Server, and Exchange Mailbox databases

SYNC Compliance

Provides a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), Storage isolation, and Encryption


Provides a granular level of service for Exchange server mail item restore

SYNC Expedited

Priority Restoration, File and VM level restores


Provides Long Term Retention (yearly increments) and Management of Data


Testing of your Disaster Recovery Solution with a Dedicated DR Engineer

Our fully managed solution also allows you to customize service levels and features to match the needs of your business requirements. Select either SYNC ONE or SYNC TWO, and any add-on features for every server requiring disaster recovery protection.


Disaster Recovery Solutions

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